5 Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Family in a Dangerous World

5 Tips to Protect Yourself and Your Family in a Dangerous World

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These days, it sometimes appears that the world has gone completely mad. Senseless violence and danger lurk everywhere, and it seems like no place is immune. London, New York, Manchester, Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Lyon, Stockholm, Madrid, Orlando, Jerusalem, Cairo, St. Petersburg, Istanbul, Oslo, Melbourne, Tokyo, Mumbai; on and on goes the list of places hit by unimaginable tragedies in recent times. In such a fraught environment, you need to be as vigilant and prepared as possible should danger ever land on your doorstep. Here are a few things you can do to have the best chance of protecting yourself and your loved ones:


The ability to defend oneself in a confrontation is one of the most important skills that you could learn. Real world self-defence styles such as authentic Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu -Jitsu teach practical skills, like how to neutralize an assailant armed with a knife or gun. Equally as important, they also help develop spatial awareness to help you identify threats and avoid them to begin with.

First Aid

When things go down, the bad guys don’t always give advance warning. In the confusion and chaos that follow an incident, it’s imperative that there are people around who stay calm and provide treatment to anyone injured. Acquiring first aid training from an accredited provider could save lives in an emergency – perhaps even your own.

Right or Wrong to Bear Arms?

The firearms debate continues to rage, and when it comes to large-scale attacks, it becomes even murkier. There is an argument to be made that if the good guys are armed, then the bad guys will be stopped in their tracks. On the other hand, even if you did own a firearm, you would need to have a concealed carry permit and happen to have it on your person at the time. Even then, there is always the risk that in the chaos there could be collateral damage, or that your firearm could be taken and used against you or others. Bottom line, this area is fraught with complex considerations and highly emotive, so it’s not my place to offer an opinion one way or the other. Rather, each individual should think through all aspects of the debate carefully before making any decision.

Avoid Obvious Targets

In most cases, the perpetrator’s aim is to inflict maximum damage on the maximum number of people. It is no coincidence that such attacks mostly occur in high profile, crowded, public locations or events. The easiest way to ensure that you or your family do not become targets is to avoid such obvious targets to the greatest extent possible. This does not mean that you should barricade yourself in your house. Rather, it is simply a matter of exercising sound judgement and reasonable caution regarding where you go and what you do to minimize your risk.

Have a Plan

It is critical to know what to do in the case that a crisis hits. There is strength in numbers, and it is important to stick together and seek a safe location to ride out the emergency. If your family members do become separated, ensure that you have a pre-designated meetup spot about which everyone is clear. Depending on the circumstances, use of mobile devices may or may not be feasible. Make sure that you come up with plans A and B for communicating with each other in case you are split up.

Unfortunately, large-scale violence is becoming more common. While your chances of being involved in one remain small, it always pays to have some strategies that to ensure your own safety and those of your loved ones.

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