5 Tips on Choosing the Right Side Table for Your Living Room

5 Tips on Choosing the Right Side Table for Your Living Room

Having a side table in your living room not only provides you with some extra surface area to help you keep your belongings, but they can also serve as a nice element of decor in the room. It may seem simple to just go out and buy the first one you find, but that’s the fastest way to find one that doesn’t work well in your home. To avoid that problem, here are five important tips to keep in mind to help you find the best side table for your living room.

Looking For The Right Height

If you’re sitting on a chair or a sofa in your living room, you don’t want a side table that is going to be too high or too low. It should be no more than an inch or two lower than the armrest of your seat. That’s why it’s important to take any measurements you make of your couch or chair before you start looking for side tables at your local furniture store. Don’t think that you can eyeball the height either; memory can be a faulty Too high or too low, and you’ll have to strain to reach for anything on the side table.

Pay Attention To The Width Of The Side Table

As with the height of the side table, you should pay attention to how wide it is too. This is because you have to pay attention to the space the table is going into. Is it being placed in a corner or next to your couch? Do you want it as an accent piece or to be functional? The width of your table is dependent on what you’re using it for and the space you’re using it in.

Don’t Get Complicated

It can help you to look for side tables that are simple. If you already have a lot of upholstered pieces in your living room, then you don’t want your living room to appear too busy. Stick to sleek and simple, with clean lines that can balance out the rest of the decor you have in your room. Glass, metal, wood, or acrylic are always good simple choices.

Controlling Clutter 

If extra storage space is what you need, then you may want to consider getting a side table that has some storage. Go for one that has an open shelf at the bottom or a drawer in order to store your DVDs, games, or small electronics. Side tables don’t only have to look good, they can be functional too.

Placement Is Important

Lastly, once you find a side table that you like, where you place it in your living room is important. The number of side tables you need is dependent on the amount of seating you have in the room. A sofa can have a side table on each side, while two chairs should have at least a side table between them to share.

Finding the right side table isn’t a decision that should be made quickly. Don’t consider the cheapest one you can find on the market either; cheap means it will break easily and you’ll have to spend more money to replace it eventually. Invest in a good and solid side table that will last you for a long time.