5 Oahu Family Vacation Ideas

5 Oahu Family Vacation Ideas


It’s almost unfair that one place should have so much to offer, especially considering it comes wrapped in such a dazzling display of natural beauty. Oahu has a distinctly sweet smell, its flowers and fruit making their pleasant impact the moment you step off the plane.

There’s a whole lot to do in this island oasis, and this is especially true for those with families. Take a look at some of these activities as you begin shopping for various family vacation rentals in Oahu.

Surfing Lessons

Here’s a great chance for the whole family to get together and sample Oahu’s most famous attraction – its waves. This is true holy ground for surfers worldwide; thousands flock here each year to catch the legendary waves that break off the island’s north shore.


Several local surf schools offer safe and excellent instruction that will have you riding the blue swells in no time. Imagine the fun your family will enjoy around the dinner table, recounting tales from a day out on the water.

Attend A Luau

Any visit to the Hawaiian Islands should definitely include a luau. It’s an one-shot way to experience all the classic elements of local culture – music, food, and the relaxed spirit of brotherhood that permeates island life. Your family will love the chance to sample unique Hawaiian cuisine, served while the sun sets out over a perfect cove.

Polynesian culture is on full display, with hula and fire dancers swaying to idyllic local sounds. Many local hotels can help arrange the details; of course, you can just ask a local.


Navigate The World’s Largest Outdoor Maze

As part of their excellent tour, Oahu’s Dole Pineapple Plantation constructed a three-acre maze of local plants and flowers, sculpted in the shape of a giant pineapple. Kids (even big ones) will love trying to find their way through two-and-a-half miles of twisting paths, discovering eight secret stations that provide clues along the way. The Pineapple Express is another great attraction here, a 20-mile narrated train tour of this sweet smelling plantation.

Dive Deep

When you need a little break from all the physical activity, sign up for an Atlantis submarine tour. A shuttle boat takes passengers out to the sub, and upon boarding they immediately descend to the mysteries of the deep.

This magic journey provides unparalleled views of marine life, reefs, sunken ships and airplanes. Audio headsets provide informative narration along the way in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


Explore The Waikiki Aquarium

This excellent attraction is located right on Waikiki Beach, next to a bustling reef and across from Kapiolani Park. There are more than 500 marine species on display, in addition to interactive exhibits and educational programs detailing the magnificent sea life in and around Hawaii.

Young children will go crazy for Marine Munchies, a special program designed to teach attendees how different marine animals catch and eat their food. At the end, kids get a chance to feed an animal in a safe environment.