Great ways to revamp a kid’s bedroom

Great ways to revamp a kid’s bedroom

If there’s one area of the home that can really benefit from a burst of imagination, it’s a child’s bedroom. Unlike the dining room which relies on a little more grace, a kid’s room should always provide them with a real sense of fun and adventure when choosing your decor scheme.

So here’s a look at some inspiration for children’s bedrooms that range from stylish nautical themes to some ideas for bunkbeds that overcome limited space.

Get a theme


At some point every child will get an obsession over something as random as space, sports or music. And a good way to get them to indulge in their passion, is to tailor the room’s look to reflect their enthusiasm. This classy bedroom in the picture above manages to emulate a beach house look that will satisfy any child who loves the sea with its rustic wooden walls, red-and-white striped curtains and funky blue ‘wave’ desk.

And then at the opposite extreme of the taste spectrum is this bright bubblegum bedroom that has animal stickers roaming around in a carefree way that perfect conjures up a sense of fun and wonder in the natural world.

Overcoming space limitations


Many children’s bedrooms will be somewhat on the compact side, but that doesn’t mean that you have to limit your creative endeavours. This tiny bedroom manages to accommodate three children by using some thoughtfully gender-neutral colour schemes and utilising some handy storage areas for all of those toys.

And the use of a bunk bed in a children’s bedroom is a real life-saver as Bedstar reveal in their blog post about the space-saving power of beds that’s actually better than in the picture and can also help your little ones sleep easier too!

Get creative


Regardless of the room’s size, decorating a child’s bedroom can always provide you with a great opportunity to explore some unusual and stimulating design ideas.

Whether it’s the unusual retro-patterns in the picture above that are coordinated in the bedspread and wall motifs, or even allowing your child to partake in the upcycling trend that can deliver an element of shabby-chic charm, it’s clear that with the clever use of bunk beds or even some simple animal stickers, there’s much that can be done to give your child’s bedroom a real lift!