Twin Travelling – What to Look For in a Double Pram

Twin Travelling – What to Look For in a Double Pram

If you were expecting your first or another bundle of joy and suddenly that bundle has doubled in size, it can easily throw out your plans. Twins are a true blessing in life, but can also make people very nervous, because all of a sudden you need two of everything. One of the biggest decisions to make is purchasing a double pram. If you aren’t sure what type of double pram to buy, didn’t know they existed or just need a little more information, then use this simple guide to understand what to look for in a double pram.

Form and function

There are a few different options to choose from when it comes to double prams, but one of the first decisions to make is the design. Double prams come in a few different designs, for infants there is either side by side or tandem. The key difference between the two is side by side offers a chance to see both babies at the same time. But tandem prams are narrower, meaning getting through those tight spaces at the shops or getting it into the car boot is a little easier.

When choosing the right design, you need to consider what design best suits your lifestyle. If you only have a small car, then perhaps a tandem is the choice. Or if you prefer to see both babies at once, then opt for the side by side.


Naturally, when there are two of something, it is going to be heavier than one. The same can be said of double prams. Double prams tend to be much heavier than single, which is something to look out for if you have struggled with single. Not all double prams weigh the same, so do your homework. Think about everyone who may need to lift the pram into the boot of the car.

Research the weights of different brands to make sure you find the right one. Additionally, you should consider the size of the pram as well. Measure your car boots space to make sure you don’t buy a double pram which doesn’t fit. Taking these measurements to the shop with you can save you a lot of mucking around when you get to the carpark.


Again, when you have two new additions, you need to expect that you’ll have a lot more to carry. Going to the shops is unfortunately no longer a simple operation. When looking for a double pram, keep an eye on the storage space, both underneath, on the sides and even pockets built in. Remembering all of the items you’ll need to take with you, plus your own personal purses, wallets, jackets, umbrellas, etc. Storage is a key consideration, the more storage the better, but of course that will likely raise the price. Look for option that meets the needs of both your budget and your storage.


Double prams are large items, as such they need durable wheels to suit the terrain you’ll be covering. If you plan to walk through parks or rough terrain, consider finding a double pram with sturdier wheels. Additionally, look for double prams with wheels that can swivel, it makes moving a larger pram much simpler in tight spaces.

Some models actually offer both swivel wheels and a function to lock them when say jogging. Little functionality improvements like this may seem insignificant but when considering your lifestyle, can make all the difference when looking for the right pram. If you are taking your pram off track, be sure to clean the wheels to get longevity out of your pram.


When you first find out you are having twins, it can scare some people. All of the sudden, there are two new mouths to feed instead of one. But making your life twin-friendly doesn’t have to be mission impossible. When looking for a double pram, don’t get caught up in the price, use this simple guide to help focus on some of the more important aspects of your next double pram.

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