Top 6 Best Spa Places in Hong Kong

Top 6 Best Spa Places in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is not only famed for its wonderful history, historical landmarks, and pristine beaches, but also for its outstanding spas. Apart from being strategically located in different parts of the city, the spas also have professional therapists to make sure that you are catered for to your satisfaction. Head to the city to relax, not to stress! The following are the best spas worth visiting while you are in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Spas: Ritz Carlton Spa

Ritz Carlton prides itself for being one of the best and most sought-after hotel spas not only in Hong Kong, but also in the world. Located on the i6th floor of the International Commerce Centre (環球貿易廣場) building, the spa offers 9 deluxe treatment rooms, decorative floor-to-ceiling windows, 2 couple’s suites, and Panoramic views of a wide area of Hong Kong.

Ritz Carlton combines Asian and Western influences, carefully incorporating recommended conventional techniques and indigenous ingredients meant to help in relaxing and balancing the body, soul, and mind as your skin gets the much-needed radiance.

Hong Kong Spas: Elemis Day Spa

Elemis Day Spa is found in the heart of Hong Kong along 1 D’Anguilar Street in Century Square. It offers an endless list of treatments including manicure, pedicure, hair removal, facial scrubs, and laser lifts. The spa is simply dedicated to offering you a true pathway to reflection, inner peace, and restoration in a very peaceful and friendly environment. Apart from cash, they also accept credit cards.

Hong Kong Spas: Chuan Spa

For an excellent and unforgettable local spa experience, do not miss to visit the Chuan Spa. The award-winning spa is located inside the Langham Place Hotel (朗豪酒店) in the city centre of Hong Kong. According the principles of Chinese traditional medicine, you will be taken through a full sensory assessment through which your favourite colours, seasons, and scents will be checked. The outcome of the result will determine the types of treatments and therapies you will need. Notable treatments include facials, body wraps, soothing massages, foot/hand therapies, polishes, and hydrotherapies.

Hong Kong Spas: Oriental Spa

The Oriental Spa is located at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental along 15 Queen’s Road Central in Hong Kong. Occupying over two spacious floors, the spa offers a unique combination of conventional and contemporary spa experience. The spa offers a spa boutique, indoor swimming pool, relaxation lounges, 15 treatment rooms, an authentic Turkish Hamam, saunas, manicure/pedicure studio, and a hi-tech fitness centre with yoga facilities.

The Oriental Spa also specialises in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Each treatment consists of calming, soothing, and hands-on body massage ritual combined with the strong effects of Oriental Meridian massage and numerous therapeutic/healing benefits of natural essential oils. The services are very affordable and are payable either through cash or credit card. If you are the kind of person who does not carrying around huge sums of money, then a credit or charge card will be the best option for you. Especially you can have special savings from your spending as part of the credit card offer (信用卡優惠).

Hong Kong Spas: I-Spa

I-Spa is found inside the InterContinental Hotel, one of the best and largest hotels in the world. It features 3 infinity pools, hot tubs, and a beautiful garden with a waterfall. Each private spa is equipped with its own Jacuzzi, steam shower, a sauna, and modern massage facilities. You are welcome to a number of traditional Chinese-inspired body and face therapies at the spa’s luxurious rooftop pool. In addition, the spa offers special treatments and massages for children through the Pure Bliss.

Hong Kong Spas: Peninsula Spa

Peninsula Spa is found inside the Peninsula Hong Kong Hotel, one of the best 5-star hotels in China. The spa features a private pool, a fitness centre, and 14 single and double treatment rooms offering lockers, saunas, steam baths, and breathtaking harbour views. The management accepts cash, credit cards, and even charge cards (簽賬卡).

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