Oriental Design Influences…

Oriental Design Influences…

If you’re looking for that post Christmas online shopping experience from connoisseurs of luxury then my winter style round up will be a bookmark certainty. Recently rejigged with a site redesigned LuxDeco provides a dazzling selection of interior style at the best of times.

How To Spend It recently described them as being ‘the site brings something new to the selling of luxury design on the web, and based on their collections of oriental inspired furniture it is easy to see why. Their unique shopping experience is created by their online magazine and a dedicated concierge service that allows for a personal shopping experience. LuxDeco’s products are curated by experienced luxury buyers; these include buying director Sue Smart, who with 30 years as a luxury buyer for Harrods’s brings a wealth of style knowledge.


Products listed on Orchid brand page: LuxDeco


One of the hottest bedroom design trends today is the Oriental design. Whether you’re doing a completely new room design or would like to add a few Asian elements to your current style, here a few tips to help you get on trend!

Choose Your Mood & Country

How would you like to feel in your Asian-inspired bedroom? If it’s a Zen room, and you’re looking for a peaceful feeling, select neutral tones such as tan, brown and grey. These colours tend to go well with a Japanese style – add a shoji room divider for a touch of whimsy.

If you want a more romantic feel with a Chinese-style room decor, select red as your primary colour. For added class, a black, four-poster luxury bed completes the look (2).

Bring Nature into your Space

There are a number of ways to do this, such as bringing plants into the room.

A more understated method of bringing nature indoors are accent pieces. Decorate your Oriental room with bamboo blinds or a carved wood piece, such as this Chinese elm sideboard, with a golden butterfly motif (1)

Keep a bonsai plant or Zen garden on a dresser or night table near your bed to add authenticity and for your own personal enjoyment.

Reduce Clutter

Keep it minimal – Asian styles always have a touch of feng shui, and you definitely want to feel good and relaxed in your space.

Try replacing chairs with beautiful silk cushions (3,4 & 5) on the floor around a small table or in front of your vanity. Make your bedroom a place for few distractions – banning computers and removing the television or making it less visible when not in us.

Room dividers provide all the hallmarks of traditional Japanese living and the featured  piece (6) by Orchid r also doubles up as a book case.

Asian Art Work

Of course there are always paintings, but don’t discount the idea of duvet covers with a Thai elephant prints or a luxuriously decorated wedding cabinet (7) with an Asian motif design. Vases also make beautiful additions and are reminiscent of Chinese pottery.

Would you incorporate Oriental accents to your home? How have you kept your bedroom on trend?