Luxury Family Summer Holiday Ideas

Luxury Family Summer Holiday Ideas

Club Med luxury breaks

You’ve put in the hours, you’ve met your deadlines and you’ve paid your taxes; it’s safe to say you’ve earned yourself a holiday this spring. A holiday is a time to spoil yourself. So if you have the budget, why not treat you and your family to a little luxury?


A favourite with the stars, Mauritius is a blissful tropical paradise situated in the Indian Ocean, not too far off Madagascar. Like most destinations in that part of the world, it has its sapphire-blue seas and white sandy beaches in abundance, but what sets Mauritius apart from the rest, is its wealth of other attractions.

So often in these tropical paradises, you’ll find yourself at a loss as to what to do once lazing in the sun has started to lose its appeal, but not in Mauritius. For the adventurous, the island has plenty to offer: historical sites, cultural diversity and an almost infinite amount of activities to keep you and your family occupied.

Club Med’s Albion Villas give you your own slice of Mauritian heaven. Set on the west coast of the island, it has a garden, pool and veranda – as well as a butler. What’s more, the all-inclusive package gives you and your family free access to a wide range of sports activities, which Mauritius is famed for.

If you want a short break from the kids however, there’s always the children’s club at the neighbouring Trident Resort.

The French Alps

If you’re looking for a family ski holiday, Valmorel, in the heart of the Tarentaise mountain range, is just the place for you. It’s an area of incredible natural beauty and it’s perfect for skiers of all levels. Club Med Valmorel is an exceptional resort. Winner of a Traveller’s Choice Award 2013 for family resorts on Trip Advisor, it’s situated atop a blue slope, with easy access to the Pierrafort and Altispace ski lifts. The resort provides you with ski passes and professional ski instruction, catered to your age and ability level, ensuring you progress safely.

Away from the snow, pools, cardio and weight rooms mean you can stay active in the warmth. Full board accommodation means free meals and free drinks and snacks at specific times during the day. There are also various children’s clubs for children of different ages.


If you’re looking for pure rest and recuperation, then the Maldives is just what the doctor ordered. It has some of the best beaches and clearest seas you’re likely to find the world over and the diving spots are just magical. The warm seas are home to coral, turtles, Napoleon fish, stingrays and lionfish, making it one of the most unbeatable destinations for those that are fascinated by sea life.

Club Med’s Kani resort grants you your own private atoll, where you and your family can laze on the perfect sandy beaches and take a dip in the turquoise lagoon. You are provided with full board accommodation and a whole host of free activities, such as badminton, beach soccer, beach volleyball, water polo and kayaking. You can even find initiation lessons in sailing and yoga.

Club Med luxury breaks provide families with unbeatable and award-winning luxury packages. A full selection can be found on their website.

Photo Credit: Nathan O’Nions