Ladies Weekend in Vegas

Ladies Weekend in Vegas

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It was only a matter of time, Urban Housewives. The inevitable has arrived, and I am headed to Los Vegas for a bachelorette weekend with a few of my girlfriends. A friend is getting married, and of course these days it’s impossible to make it through your 20s without hitting Vegas for a pre-marriage party at least once or twice. 

My apprehension is only half-kidding. I mean I’m totally excited for the weekend with the girls! But I’ve never been to Vegas, so I’m not exactly practiced in the art of gambling. How does a gal get seasoned in this stuff? And is it even necessary? Well, it’s obviously not required to be a table games pro before heading to the city of lights, but it certainly does make things a bit more fun.

A friend was telling me that one of the best ways to get some experience under your belt is to play around with online games. Apparently you can even make a little money remotely playing WSoP poker, though I’m not sure my skill level will ever be that impressive! But it’s nice to know there are options to try it out online before taking the plunge in the casinos of Vegas. I have a terrible competitive streak, so it’s going to gut me just a bit to think all my girlfriends know the rules of the table and I don’t! To that end, I may just sneak in a few games online to get a handle on the setups and different kinds of games.

You can also check out the other offerings Vegas has if you’re looking to spend a weekend there. There’s more to see than the craps tables, after all! Vegas boasts a ton of fabulous shows, and the world-class hotels are quite tempting for those of us in need of a little rest and relaxation. After all, what bachelorette girls weekend would be complete without a day by the pool or a trip to the spa? I could spend all day on that massage table, ladies!

So I’m getting over my nerves and getting onto a plane – Vegas here I come! Wish me luck, both with the weather for the pool and the tables for the gambling. Though at the end of the day, I’m more excited about some quality time with the girls than either of those things, so I guess I won’t need too much luck, after all.

Photo Credit: tj scenes