I Love What You’ve Done With the Place? One Man’s Thoughts on Home Decor

I Love What You’ve Done With the Place? One Man’s Thoughts on Home Decor

Hey Urban Housewives! Gracing the Guest Room today is Reed Patterson, a Montclair, NJ based writer and connoisseur in the art of manliness. We recently asked Reed what every man should have in his apartment. Rather than the standard man cave response, check out what he had to say below.

Man Cave

Is there a big, high-definition TV in my apartment? Yeah. Are there six varieties of craft beer in the fridge? Sure. Do I think those things are necessities in the apartment of a modern man? Not at all1. Anyone can buy those things, and practically everyone does. Should there be more to a man’s personal space than what he sees on TV2? What happened to creativity, good taste, and self-confidence? Let’s scan my apartment and see what I’ve got laying around (and you decide if I possess any of the aforementioned qualities).

I see stacks of books, from Franzen to Faulkner, all with broken spines and torn covers. My apartment is full of literature, liberal non-fiction and a few collegiate textbooks…so when I go out I can (usually) keep pace with the conversation3.

Now suppose that while out and about, chatting over cocktails and discussing a favorite author, I manage to convince someone to come home with me. As a man, I want to be reasonably sure that my apartment will not (a) embarrass me or (b) drive my latest prospect away. Take a look at what else I have at home, and see what you think.

For one, there are no posters of favorite television shows taped to the wall at slightly off-kilter angles. I have art and photographs made by actual artists who I admire and respect. This is not expensive art either (it was decidedly inexpensive), but it is authentic and says more about my personal tastes than does a Game of Thrones poster4.

Next, there are no mounds of pizza boxes, Chinese food containers, or grubby take-out menus. There are pots and pans.  They are used routinely I might add, for…gasp…cooking. Every man should know how to cook at least a couple decent meals and have the gear to do it. (N.B. People like to see that you can take care of yourself.)

Finally, besides some weird fridge magnets and a well stocked home bar, what really makes my apartment mine is my Smith Corona. It says everything about me: what I do (not merely what my job is) and how I feel about it. When people see it they ask questions. And that is the object – it differs based on his passion – a man really needs in his home.

A man’s apartment should never be furnished from a “10-things-you-can’t-live-without list”, and no woman should be unfortunate enough to end up with one who does.

Everything we have is an expression of ourselves…so don’t buy a bunch of stuff you were told you ought to have. Be a man and make the decisions for yourself6.

1 But they are fun.

2 I find the term ‘man-cave’ disturbing and wrong on several levels.

3 Or can fake it long enough to buy a woman drink.

4 Though I do have a lot to say regarding this show.

5 If they happen to impress someone of the opposite gender however, then so be it.

6 Though if you must follow the herd, the beer fridge and 55” inch TV a stereotypes for good reason. Just make sure you get the ‘good’ brands.

Photo Credit: the.anomalous