How to Turn Your Bedroom to a Sweet Staycation Haven

How to Turn Your Bedroom to a Sweet Staycation Haven

Staying in cozy hotels that offer great relaxation experience is another popular option for summer and weekend getaways. With staycation in the city or near regions, you can lounge with your families and friends the same way you relax in the beach but in a cheaper and less tiring way.

But staycation is not always cheap and sometimes, hotels are fully booked during weekends. So why not just plan a staycation at your home instead of going somewhere far away? This will not just save you money, but also let you improve the overall vibe of your home.

In this article, you will learn to decorate your bedroom for a cozier yet frugal vacation at home.


  • Maximize space – Create spaces to be used for entertainment and fun. You can do this by clearing up floor areas with clutter like toys, rugs, tables and chairs and organising storage areas like cabinets and containers. Put them in the basement for the mean time so that you can have ample space for playing with kids or walking around especially if you will invite some guests. Be sure to create a small lounge area for seating. It could be a small couch or chair with a cuddly throw pillows where you can curl up with a book and a cup of coffee.
  • Create a good view from the outside – One of the things we look forward to with staycation is the view. Make sure your curtains are open especially the one that has a great view. Work on your outdoor area or backyard to get a good view from the window. Place some plants and flowers in vibrant colours to add fresher look as well as a relaxing fountain outside for tranquility.
  • Add some artwork – Hang some few pieces of art. It can be just an abstract with a cool palette. If you don’t have artworks, you can use inspirational quotes written in colourful text or your sweet family pictures to be placed on the wall behind your bed or on the opposite wall.
  • Make your bed comfortable – Invest on quality beds and manchester as well as pillows, bed sheets, and blankets. Aside from the fact that these things are sure to last longer, they will keep you warm and comfortable like you are spending the day in an expensive hotel. Look for double-ply fabric to get that soft and luxurious feel. To make it classy and cozier, choose white. You can also add a canopy for a unique and more classic look.
  • Add a fuzzy texture – There’s nothing more comfortable than the texture of soft fabric. Whether it’s a carpet, rug, or throw pillows, it will really give a nice and warm feeling.

These simple tricks can make you feel better at home. These are sure to give you the comfort and luxury you long for after a week of working hard. Also with these, you will be able to save some money because aside from the fact that you will improve the interior and overall vibe of your house, you will also save money since you no longer need to spend on hotel accommodations just to have relaxing weekend.