How To Make The Most of Your Home’s Outside Space

How To Make The Most of Your Home’s Outside Space


A big garden with plenty of potential for building, extending and creating a great place for the kids to play is a huge reason why people choose to buy a home over others. In fact, any outside space will often add value and intrigue to a property.

Some people do not pay much attention to their outside space but those who do are keen to get the most out of the area. So, what exactly can be done to help your garden and outside space reach its full potential?

Table and chairs

It might seem simple but a stylish new set of garden furniture can go a long way to sprucing up your property’s exterior. A wooden set with extra seats for guests is a fantastic addition to enjoy barbecues in the summer.

If you have existing garden furniture get it cleaned and replace the cushions with new ones. This will immediately revitalise your garden space.

Play area for kids

For those with children and a large area out back, consider turning unused space into a play area. This will work however far your budget spreads; you do not need a five-piece matching swing and slide set, the little ones will be happy with just a single swing or a slide.

This is a great way to make use of any spare space outside and could also add value to your property in the long-run as the garden will be kept in good condition.

Get a central fire pit

Some gardens and outside spaces you look at tend to look a little untidy with a bench or a swing scattered about with no real focus. Something as simple as a fire pit in a central location can really bring everything together and give you a fantastic focal point.

Brighten it up

A lot of gardens become out of bounds after dark because, aside from the odd security lamp, the lack of light makes it hard to see. You will get a lot more use out of your outside space by installing just a few lights around the area.

You have a wide choice of outdoor lighting available from bollards every few yards to lamp posts in any style you can imagine. Combined with a warm fire you will even be able to spend time outside in winter.

Plants on the lawn

Some people surround their garden and patio with ill-matching plant pots of all different shapes and sizes. It might seem a simple tip but by transferring some of the plants in pots to your lawn you can create a picturesque setting in your outside space.

Be careful not to create a rainforest look, however, there is certainly such a thing as too many plants.

Protecting your home

When making changes to the outside of your home it is important that you spare a thought for its protection. Consider investing in buildings insurance from The Co-operative Insurance; it could help cover you against damage to the physical structure of your property whilst contents insurance can help cover items in your garden (excluding plants, trees or shrubs).

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