How to Create a Moroccan Inspired Look for Your Home

How to Create a Moroccan Inspired Look for Your Home

Moroccan Home Decor

Redecorating your home often seems like a simple task that a lick of paint and a couple of new photo frames might solve, but let me tell you if you really want to change some things around in the home then you need to think much bigger than that. I certainly don’t mean that you need to go so far as digging up your foundations and putting an extension on the house.

Just taking a bit of care and attention could go a long way to creating your perfect Moroccan hideaway. Making some key additions can help you along your way but you can’t just head into it thinking that you will be done in a couple of days. So here is a rundown of the things that will help you on making your home a Middle Eastern hive of activity.

Use a warm, sensual tone throughout

What you will be trying to achieve is a thoroughly captivating look by using warm tones and sensual lighting. If you get this right your home will immediately appear relaxed without making a huge effort, however, if you get it wrong and it will look like you’ve jumped straight off the plane from your holiday with a load of unpleasant souvenirs.

So, set the tone with the right colour palette. Deep, rich colours such as chocolate, aubergine and jade look absolutely brilliant if they are set against a wheat or beige background. I think a white tone can also look good if it is accompanied by many other different colours that are used in patterns and fabrics.

Let the accessories speak for themselves

Marrakech has quite often been a crossroads of cultures for many years and the Moroccan home decor style offers the possibility of a great deal of eclecticism. You have the opportunity to really mix the different sorts of accessories that are available to you. For example, you might want to mix rugs, candles and pillows, while in terms of furnishings you could always have art deco furniture inlaid with mother of pearl of some more simple pieces. The choice really is yours.

Don’t think that just because it isn’t as hot as Marrakech here, you can’t make some of the styles work. The key is to choose pieces that are timeless that could be used in any part of the world.

Be spontaneous

The true essence of Moroccan style isn’t necessarily about having absolutely dead straight lines all around the room, there needs to be some spontaneity and the use of your own personal style for it to work. If you want to bring a little souk chic into your home, then do try and have a leading thread as something to keep you focused.
There should be a sense of non-conformity, everything needs to be flowing and as I suggested previously, it needs to seem almost spontaneous.

Get the seating right

The seating might seem an afterthought for some people in the interior design process but that would be dead wrong. If you want to go for the theme then you must have what would be deemed authentic Moroccan seating and this means that you would look for much lower chairs. It would, of course, also mean that you would plenty of pillows and cushions with lots of shapes and rich textures on.