How Detailing Can Enhance the Look of Your Home

How Detailing Can Enhance the Look of Your Home

Bedroom accessories

It’s a well-known expression that ‘the devil is in the detail.’ It can be easy, once you’ve gotten all the basics right, to feel there is something missing in your house.

Unsurprisingly, it is through detail that all the little bits and pieces start to fall into place, and your house slowly but surely becomes a home. It is the details that say, ‘look, someone lives here!’ The details you choose to express yourself with are aspects of your personality and with a few clever touches you will soon see how your home can become a reflection of yourself. 


Of course the vast majority of people have pictures in their house, either adorning the walls, bookshelves, mantle piece, side tables – sometimes people don’t know when to stop with photographs. However, it is possible to make your photos into a centre piece themselves, so they cease to be individual pieces and become something a little more interesting.

You can opt to play with an arrangement of photographs on the wall to bring them closer together in interesting geometric patterns. If you’re scared of the consequences in case you dislike the outcome, there are many beautiful picture frames available for sale in non-traditional shapes, which hold a number of different photographs in varying shapes and sizes, allowing you to hold five or more pictures in a single ‘frame.’

Building your nest

Nothing makes a couch or a bed look more inviting than big, chunky cushions and throws in thick knits and warm colours. This detail may not seem like much, but replace a small, beige cushion for a big, thick, warm yellow one and you’ll soon notice the difference.

A room will instantly take on more personality and charm with little extra splashes of colour injected by way of the odd throw pillow. Make sure you pick colours that either complement the colour palette of the room in question or contrast just enough to add a focus. You don’t want the room to become a riot of clashing colours and patterns, as that just leads to a headache for both you and your family.


Why keep a stack of letters and bills by the door when you could place them in a beautifully carved wooden box? Maybe your fireplace doesn’t work, but there’s nothing stopping you putting a pillar candle in a large lantern, placing it by the hearth and watching it spread some warmth. Intersperse the books on your bookshelves with trinkets and ornaments from your travels and observe the transformation from an ordinary ledge to a focus point.

Something as simple as changing the door knobs on your wardrobe can enliven an old or boring piece of furniture and make your room more fun. Bedroom accessories in the form of throw, some clever storage boxes, or even a vintage-inspired lamp could add eye-catching detail and change the overall look and feel of a room.