Escape to London

Escape to London

London has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth that you can visit. It has a rich cultural and historic heritage. Many people from all over the world visit the place yearly. For those who are looking for a travel destination then this surely is the place to be. As is with any trip it is important that you look for the best deals so that you can do more with the amount of money you have. Check out for deals at Heathrow when booking your trip. Here you will get very good deals that will help you save quite a lot. And you can find similar deals for other cities across the UK, allowing you to use London as a great travel hub.

The number of tourist attraction sites in London are quite many. They are magnificent and they will leave you awed at their splendor. From museums to historical buildings you eyes will see a lot of stuff. Some of the attraction sites that you really need to see are the world famous museums found in London. They include Natural History Museum, British Museum, Tate Museum and the Royals Museum Greenwich. This museums have a rich history and their collections are composed of world famous artifacts. The London Eye which is once of the most pronounced features in London’s skyline is also a major site that attracts tourists. It is the world’s highest observation wheel. The London Tower is a 900 hundred year old building which is very famous throughout the world. It tells a story of England through the dark ages to the present.  Also goes a long way to explaining why London was recently named a top city to visit in Europe too.

Britons have a very good taste for food and this can easily be seen in their cuisine. There have been many inhabitants in that country and this had led to the development of hybrid cuisines. British foods are prepared in such a way that the sauces used bring out the flavor of the food rather than disguise it. Typical British foods that you should try include; shepherd’s pie, Sunday roast, steak and kidney pie and bangers and mash. Fish and chips, pies and sandwich are also very common in London. This food is part of their culture and their everyday lives. Famed British food can also be found at one of’s other deal destinations, Gatwick.

For a country that has been existence for a long period they have a very rich culture. The fashion sense in London is also very vibrant. The city plays host to some of the most glamorous fashion events in the world such as The London Fashion Week where top class designers come to showcase their products. The city has many people who are not original inhabitants and this has led to the city being very diverse culturally. There are many live comedy shows in the city that make the place very vibrant. It’s also home to quite a few festivals, as is neighboring city Birmingham. Birmingham is another city where you can find great deals on airport hotels through

Visiting London for a family holiday is definitely a good idea. The memories and feelings that the place will give you will forever be etched in your heart. The inhabitants are friendly and the diversity of people found there will help you feel like you are in the right place. If you are planning on creating memories that will last a lifetime then this is the place to be.

Photo Credit: Jim Bahn