3 Perfect Inner City Cars

3 Perfect Inner City Cars


The car market is picking up, so is now the time for you to be investing? Driving round the middle of a cramped urban city can be a real squeeze depending on what car you’re driving.  If you head into town in your saloon or SUV, you might find that manoeuvring is slightly more difficult than it usually is in the suburbs, and that’s why choosing a city centre-appropriate car is essential. To help you pick a good one, we’ve combed the internet and come up with these 3 great suggestions.

3 – Mini Cooper

The Mini is a classic city car.  It’s compact, cute and stylish, and comes in a range of different models.  If you’re the kind of person who likes to have the top down, you can, but naturally there are hard top models to choose from too.  Minis are fun to drive, handling incredibly well on corners, and this means that taking those tight city turns isn’t really a problem. Just as with all the cars recommended here, there isn’t too much space in the back of a Mini, but, that’s what you’d expect, given the name of the brand.

2 – Fiat Panda

The great thing about the Fiat panda is the performance options you get when you purchase one.  Although this small, funky run-around makes for a great car for those looking to whiz around city streets, it’s also very fast and even comes in a four-wheel-drive mode, all while maintaining a high fuel efficiency.  This makes it fun to drive the proverbial concrete jungle in, but ensures it’s not expensive to do so.

1 – Toyota iQ

Toyota’s new iQ model is the perfect city car, and that’s why we’ve named it out number 1.  It has many innovations which make it perfect for inner city driving, with advanced parking assist, a tight turning circle and petite size being just some of them.  Not only is the car technologically and mechanically advanced, it also looks great, with a strong design aesthetic which helps it to stand out.  With a 5 star safety rating, this car is difficult to match when you’re looking for a high performing inner city vehicle.

So there you have it: 3 great cars for inner city driving.  Although you might be thinking of purchasing your car new, smaller cars tend to be quite expensive because of the space-saving technologies they require. Therefore, looking at the second hand market might be a great way to save on your purchase.