Upgrade Your Backyard This Summer

Upgrade Your Backyard This Summer

Whether you have been planning to make changes to your backyard for the last few years, or are just deciding on it now, there are lots of benefits to making sure your changes include kid-friendly additions:

  • Outdoor play improves the health of kids, encouraging physical activity, exposure to fresh air and adequate vitamin D intake from the sun.
  • Improves social abilities, teaching kids skills such as sharing, waiting for their turn, and interacting with others in a playful atmosphere.
  • Helps children learn how to problem solve, forcing them to answer their own questions or get out of their own difficult situations.

Lucky for you, Funscapes Backyard Entertainment Solution ensures you are able to take advantage of all of these benefits for your children and makes it easy to choose several different options for your backyard upgrade.

Install a Swing Set

Is there anything more child-like than playing on the swings? Perfect for kids of all ages, Funscapes specializes in swing sets, and we are passionate about your kids being able to be out there pumping their legs and soaring high.  The good news about swing sets is that Funscapes backyard entertainment solutions are able to cater swings to children ranging from toddlers, who need just two holes for their legs, to older kids who are ready to be swinging up and jumping off. Once you have decided on the swing set that best suits your needs and will allow you and your family to spend time together outside, let us know and we will book you in for an installation.

Get a Jungle Gym

If you want to get a little more serious about the backyard fun, and make it enjoyable for the whole family to be outside, it’s time to think about a jungle gym. These outdoor entertainment solutions consist of specially selected components which are pieced together according to your needs and the amount of space you have in your backyard.  They can include everything from monkey bars to slides to swing sets and houses. Furthermore, these solutions are suitable for both the young and old – and anyone who is serious about their outdoor play!

Build a Playground

The best part about the Funscapes playgrounds and backyard entertainment solutions is that they are available fully customizable and waiting for you to decide exactly what you need from a backyard upgrade. Whether you just want a few key pieces, like a swing set and slide, or whether you want to go integrate a large selection of pieces from our wide range of options, the choice is yours.  The key here is that you get to design the playground you would like, and then call on us and our professional services to build it for you.  Sounds like a win-win – for you and your kids!

Deciding on the type of backyard fun you would like for you and your family is first step as you prepare to upgrade your backyard for the summer.  Reach out to Funscapes to help you craft a plan or tell us what fun ideas you have and we’ll happily tell you exactly what equipment you need to make it happen.  See you in the backyard!

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