Home Interior Trends for 2013

Home Interior Trends for 2013


With any new year comes the chance for most people switch things up in different facets of their lives. Something about a brand new year inspires many people to do things differently and try new things. Home decoration is no exception. Each year new trends pop up – Some become rather popular while some die on the vine. 2013 looks to be a good year, though, as many of the newest trends and ideas for home interior seem to be sticking around.

As far as colors are concerned, emerald green was recently named the 2013 color of the year. It’s a nice color with many possibilities, and will bring out the best in any room. Electric colors like lime greens and bright yellow will add a certain energy to a room, especially when you use them in things like textiles.

Stripes are becoming popular again, and they can make any home look bold and fascinating, as long as they’re done right. Whether it is upholstery, wallpaper, home art, or something else, stripes can add an elegant yet funky touch to any home. The combination of color choices, whether it’s simple or bold, can make any or all parts of your home stand out. You don’t want to over-do it on the stripes or the colors you choose, however. It can be distracting from other things in your home. If a striped home interests you, make sure you test the waters – Find out what colors would work best to compliment your home while not being tacky or too shocking.

The bedroom is my favorite room to design and decorate. It’s where you lay your head at night, so you want it to represent ‘you’ in the most comfortable yet stylish way. One of the hottest trends for bedrooms right now is a relaxing atmosphere. Many people are inspired by hotels and bed & breakfasts when looking for calm, relaxing decor for the bedroom. When it comes to bedding, a modern style can be comfortable and stylish all at the same time. Instead of bedskirts, choose a flat but heavy blanket that fits your bed but has no excess fabric down below, so the structure of the bed is visible.

The living room is arguably the most important room in the house. Usually it’s the first room to greet you and your visitors as you walk through the door. You want an eye-catching living room that looks inviting and warm, but still full of style. An easy way to quickly add some flair to your living room is to add some diverse yet complimentary textures – like grasscloth, stone, and burlap. Wood is also a great choice for furniture like coffee and end tables – It’s warm and inviting.

Using these tips and more to re-style your home, 2013 can feel even more ‘new’ than it already is.

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