Family Cruises: 10 Things Parents Must Pack

Family Cruises: 10 Things Parents Must Pack

Family cruise holidays

Cruises are one of the best options for families as there are more than enough things to do for all ages on-board. However, knowing what to take on your family break can sometimes seem impossible, especially if it’s your first cruise.

If you’re having trouble organising everything for your family cruise holiday and you’re not sure what your kids will need, you’re not alone. Just make sure you pack these 10 essential items and you’ll be off to a flying start though:

  1. Important documents

You won’t even be able to get on the cruise ship without the right documents, so check your brochure to see what you need to take with you. If you’re flying out to your departure port, make sure you have your flight boarding pass with you as well!

  1. Sun cream

There’s nothing more important than your children’s health, and since your kids are likely to be out in the sun for hours on end when on a cruise you’ll need to keep them protected from the sun. Take high factor sun cream with you, and remember the rest of the toiletries as well.

  1. Portable entertainment options

Even though the cruise ship will have numerous entertainment options and activities for all the family, you might just find that your kids are stuck with nothing to do every now and then. Kids are wont to get bored easily, which is why a portable DVD player, a Nintendo DS or some other portable entertainment device could be incredibly useful.

  1. Yummy snacks

Most kids can be slightly picky eaters, so if they’ve got a few favourite snacks it might be worth taking a small supply of them on board with you. Most cruise ships are happy for you to take snacks and other food items on holiday as long as they aren’t perishable.

  1. Teddy bears

Does your child have a teddy bear or stuffed toy they can’t be without? Make sure you remember to pack important toys, security blankets or other items your kids are attached to, otherwise they might get distressed.

  1. Swimsuits

One of the best things to do on family cruise holidays is to go swimming – while you’re on the ship! Pack at least two swimsuits for each person (including the adults!) so there’s always one to hand.

  1. All-weather clothing

Even if you’re heading to the Caribbean, you’ll still need to pack warm clothes. It can sometimes get quite windy out on the deck, so pack jumpers, fleeces and jackets for all the family.

  1. Ear plugs

This one can be especially important if you’re flying to your port to begin with. The whole family could probably do with a pair, as cabin pressure can sometimes be quite uncomfortable. They might also be useful when sharing a family state room if some family members snore!

  1. Alarm clock

You wouldn’t want to miss all of the amazing on-board activities, would you? Make the most of your shore excursions by setting your alarm early in the morning as well.

  1. Backpacks

And finally, give each of your kids their own backpack which they can use around the ship (so you don’t have to keep returning to your cabin) and when going on fun family shore excursions.

Going on holiday with kids can sometimes seem like a bit of a nightmare, especially when it comes time to pack your bags. Use this handy list for your upcoming cruise and you’ll be fine.

This article was written by Aurora Johnson on behalf of, a website offering a wide range of family cruise holidays to destinations around the world.

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