Top Style Tips for the Vintage Loving Bride

Top Style Tips for the Vintage Loving Bride


So your big day is on the horizon and plans are starting to become concrete, and it’s all getting very exciting! Without offending the groom too much, possibly the most exciting bit is the bride getting all dolled up and feeling a million dollars on the day.

If you’re planning your wedding and favour a more vintage style, you certainly won’t be alone. The whole vintage bride appeal has been on the rise in recent years, with many women going back to days past to take inspiration for their dress, hair, makeup and jewellery on the big day.

If you want to join them, we’ve come up with some top style tips for the vintage loving bride!

Find out which era really speaks to you

The term ‘vintage’ spans a whole host of eras and styles, so it’s a good idea to start by finding out which era you really like. There’s a really interesting and useful vintage timeline here that’s worth having a look at so you can identify trends and styles you like from certain times. (This is particularly useful when choosing the style of your dress).

Investigate great spots to find vintage items

As soon as something has the word ‘vintage’ or ‘antique’ in front of it, the price usually gets a little higher. Therefore it’s a good idea to shop around and know where to find your key vintage items for your wedding outfit and even for the day in general. A Vintage Wedding Fair is a pretty good place to start!

Don’t be afraid to wear other jewellery

Many brides worry about overdoing it with the jewellery, especially as they feel the engagement and wedding rings should take centre stage. Whilst this is true, it’s important to remember that other pieces of jewellery can really add another great element to your overall look on the day. Keep it simple yet elegant with things like vintage earrings or a delicate antique bracelet, to keep the whole look classy and timeless. You can find some lovely antique jewellery here, too.

Seek out vintage dress makers/designers

When it comes to finding your dream vintage wedding dress, you may soon find that you might struggle when just looking in the standard high street wedding dress stores, as the majority of them will be quite modern, or just not quite what you’re looking for. Therefore it’s a good idea to do some research online and seek out some designers or dress makers that actually specialise in vintage gowns as this is a much better bet. You’re really likely to come across some great ones at a vintage wedding fair, too!

Any wedding—vintage or not—is reason enough to have perfect, glowing skin. After all, there will likely be more than a few pictures to capture the moment. You can take the vintage theme to a whole new level my treating your skin the way your grandma did. For instance, you can rub a cucumber (cut of course) beneath your eye; although reviews of the best eye creams available today could give “all-natural” techniques a run for their money. You can’t forget to slather your lips with a vibrant lipstick either. Just look at any vintage photograph (that isn’t black-and-white) and you will likely see a pair of lips bursting with color.

Experiment with lots of different hair styles

It’s not all about the dress and jewellery – the hair is a major part of the wedding day look, and there are some truly breathtaking vintage hair style options out there to choose from, for all types and lengths of hair. Speak to lots of different hair dressers that have experience working with vintage styles and ask their opinion on what you should opt for.


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