Three Tips to Guarantee You Save When You Shop

Three Tips to Guarantee You Save When You Shop

You love to shop, you love getting exactly what you want, and you love getting it at a discount. So how do you accomplish all of your goals all the time? It is quite a challenge unless you know some tips about how to shop. Here are the top three tips to get you what you want at the biggest discounts.

Promo codes help you save big

The world of promo codes has become a go to one for savvy online shoppers and today, millions use online promo codes to save money. Promo codes are terms, numbers, or alphanumeric combinations that provide a discount for a product or service.  You have seen websites like Amazon requesting them when you make a purchase. They ask if you have a promo code to enter for the product you are about to purchase. What they are really asking is if you actually intend to pay the full price or are you smart enough to know the promo code to get you what might be a huge discount on the item you are about to buy. These codes can be used with other discounts so they add an additional savings on top of the website’s standard discounts.

Today there are websites that assist you in locating working promo codes. Some focus on all retailers while others focus on specific types of retailers, products or services. They aggregate promo codes that are scattered all over the web into one convenient place so you can view them all together and find the one that best suits your needs.

Save more with reconditioned products

Our first thought when making a purchase is to look for something brand new and our approach to looking for a discount is based upon the price for this new item. What we sometimes do not realize is that we can begin negotiations on a price for that same item at a price point lower than we would ever get for that item, new. There is a thriving market for reconditioned products, particularly if you are looking to purchase electronics like smartphones, computers and televisions. And you need to consider these products as an option when you are shopping. Buying reconditioned is an outstanding way to get the products you desire at greatly discounted prices. Reconditioned products may have been defective or they were returned by a customer for some reason. Once they are brought back to the retailer, they get sent to the manufacturer, where they are restored to nearly new condition where any defective parts are replaced with new working ones, and then undergo a thorough inspection and testing by the company. In the end they are certified and warrantied by the company and then resold far below the retail price for the same new item. So you get a virtually new product with a similar or same warranty for a big discount. This counts as a great deal.

Tell the retailer you want a bigger savings

In a retail environment, the shopper is usually king. This means that if you are dissatisfied about something relating to your purchase, you can make it known to the retailer and in an effort to keep you a happy customer, will respond in a satisfactory way. The same is the case with on-line retailing. If you aren’t satisfied with your price at checkout, contact the site you are buying from and ask for a better price. You may be surprised to find the most reputable online retailers will respond to your inquiry, and the majority will offer you some type of discount.

Because their mentality is that a discounted sale beats no sale at all, online retailers always have plenty of discount codes and special offers available for dissatisfied or wavering potential customers. And, they are prepared to use these discounts to sway those on the fence toward their shop. You as a consumer need to take advantage of this reality. Keep in mind that you will not always receive the discount you want, but most times you will receive an impactful incentive that can mean a real savings for you. This might mean, free shipping, a nice discount on your purchase and/or even bigger discounts on future purchases. So don’t be shy, demand you get a discount!

If you follow these tips you will save a lot of money when purchasing products and services. Just remember that nearly any product can be bought for less than and sometimes for far below its full price.

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