Starting with a Bang

Starting with a Bang

You’d be forgiven for thinking that arranging a holiday is easy. It’s not. If you do the DIY route like I often do these days, you have to remember a million things to make sure you have all the elements you need for your holiday, such as flight, transfer, hotel etc.

Once that’s all booked you can chill a little, and begin that all important holiday countdown.

However, don’t fall into the trap of forgetting the little things, such as insurance, how you’re going get to and from the airport, and all the logistics that go along with travelling.

Thankfully, there are now easy ways to arrange all this, and even add a fun factor to the travel element of your holiday, after all, aren’t breaks away meant to be fun?!

I recently discovered what I now consider a pre-holiday godsend – airport parking. I am not a fan of lugging suitcases onto trains or loading up taxis with the engine running, so having the freedom and time to travel in my own vehicle, at my own leisure, was not only hugely convenient, but saved money too, with fantastic rates available. I used car parking at Stansted Airport and would certainly use it again, so be sure to check out facilities where you’re flying from, with even smaller airports offering a service, I booked Luton Airport parking with Holiday Extras.

Speaking of suitcases, there’s one thing you mustn’t forget when arranging a holiday – insurance. Now I know this seems like one of those boring extras that nobody really finds exciting, but if you lose your luggage, end up ill or some other catastrophe occurs, you’ll be glad you took the time to arrange it. There are some great deals available on annual policies these days, which is something I always take out, so I don’t have to think about it multiple times throughout the year. Holiday Extras offer many services on the airport extras side of things, and this is a service you can find help with there too.

So back to the fun stuff.

If you’re heading somewhere exotic and your flight is long-haul, you’ll be wanting to get as much shut eye prior to boarding as possible. This is where airport hotels come in handy. I recently combined my airport hotel with Heathrow parking and found a fantastic deal. It also meant I actually enjoyed the airport experience, as I wasn’t going delirious with tiredness and stress.

As you can see, there are many ways to make your holiday begin smoothly before you even board the plane, and you’ll find all of these and more with Holiday Extras, so go check them out and make your holiday go off with a bang in the best way possible.

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