Shane Kersh – Skills You Need to be a Content Writer

Shane Kersh – Skills You Need to be a Content Writer

Although I had heard about people who did it, it wasn’t until my good friend Shane Kersh started making money online that I genuinely realized that it was possible. Shane has always been someone who thought ahead of everyone else and he was making cash online before the majority of us could even use Google. Shane was also the one who gave me my first break online, and has since helped me immeasurably in securing clients and leads, who require me to write content for them. Whenever you see those ‘make money online’ posts, many talk abut content writing as though it is something that you could do in your sleep, the truth is that it really isn’t and it can be much harder work than you may believe. If you want to do this to make money then here are the skills you will need. 

Adopting a Voice 

Unless you manage to create a great reputation and people want to hear what you have to say, it is likely that you are going to be writing content that other people want you to write, and content which is going to go on their websites, not yours. Because of this you need to know how to adopt different voices and tones within your work. If you write everything in the same way and can’t take on comedic, serious, sarcastic or quirky styles, then you may not be able to provide your client with what they are looking for. 

Attention to Detail 

Every single piece of work which you deliver should be written to the best of your ability and it should also be reviewed over and over again to make sure that it is grammatically correct, that it fits in with what the brief is that you were given, and that it is of the required standard. You can’t simply write something once, give it a quick check over and then send it on its way, if you do this you will make mistakes and if you make mistakes, customers aren’t going to want to use you again. 

Ability to Stick to Deadlines

Whilst content writing may not be as easy as many make out, it also isn’t rocket science and that means that there is always someone out there ready to take your work if you don’t do well. This is why you absolutely have to make sure that you manage your time in the right way so that you can adhere to the deadlines that you have been given. Shane taught me the importance of delivering on time in the beginning, and the reason is that your client is likely to be working towards a deadline for someone else, and if you are late, so are they. 


Finally you have to have researching abilities because you are going to be writing about an awful lot of stuff which you may have no idea about. You don’t just need to get the gist of what you are writing about, you need to actually know about it, and in order to do that you have to research a lot.

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