People Are Looking For New Houses With These Fantastic Features

People Are Looking For New Houses With These Fantastic Features

The housing market is an ever-changing landscape which must constantly adapt to what customers are looking for. In turn there are always new customer trends and as each year passes we see those who plan to buy a home, on the lookout for new and exciting features of a property. So powerful are these trends that they actually have a large effect on the overall cost of different types of properties, which is why so many landlords and sellers will seek to include certain aspects within the home, to endear it more to those looking to buy. If you are trying to sell your home at the moment, here are some of the hottest features which customers are looking for.

Walk-In Closets

Modern homes have gained something of a reputation for offering very limited amount of storage space, as developers have leaned more towards more rooms in the property, as opposed to more storage space. Not only are buyers currently on the lookout for more space in general, walk-in closets have become one of the most sought after features within the property.

Low Emission Windows

Low emission windows use coated glass which greatly helps to control both infrared and ultra-violet light light, the two contributing factors to making furniture and flooring fade. Beyond this, low emission windows help to insulate the home better because they reflect the light waves back into the property, rather than allowing them to escape. If you plan to put these windows in so that your property becomes more sellable it makes sense to buy directly from a window manufacturer for the best prices.

Granite Worktops

Granite worktops in the kitchen are something which are highly sought after in today’s market and they are taking over from the cheaper, wooden worktops which were once so popular. Granite is highly durable and very attractive so installing them in your kitchen could very well be the difference between selling the place or not.

Built in Speakers

Now that we have so much more tech in our homes, cables can be very unsightly so anything to get rid of them or cover them is encouraged. One tech feature which is in high demand from buyers are built-in speakers which can be connected to gadgets and devices through a Bluetooth connection. Technology is a highly attractive feature so having the speakers in place, or at least having the infrastructure for speakers to be installed, could bump up how attractive your property is to a buyer.


The last 20 years has seen people ditch the garage in favor of a house extension and adding extra rooms, but this is no longer the case. In fact many new homeowners are snapping up homes which have one or two garages which they will use for both storage and for parking the car. If you have been tempted to add a games room or an extra bedroom in your garage, it may be wise just to leave it as it is.


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