The Ornamental Overhaul – 6 Tips For Reinventing Your Decor

The Ornamental Overhaul – 6 Tips For Reinventing Your Decor


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Home decor can make (or break) your living space. It adds perceived value to your home at the same time as making the living space more functional and more enjoyable to be in.

In order for you to get the most enjoyment out of your living space, here are 6 simple ways to reinvigorate and redecorate your abode in a stress free, budget friendly manner.

Light It Up

There’s a reason why light and its effects are often used as a metaphor for imparting life-giving qualities onto a space, person or object. To ‘light-up’ or to ‘bring light’ into a space is to create a brighter, more open, modern space. It’s a budget-friendly way to create a mood, to reflect a theme, and to bring a new energy to your decor.

Lighting is so much more than boring downlights.

There are floor lamps, pendant lights and spotlights for every design style. You can purchase quality fittings from the comfort of your home, including replica pendants and shades from online stores such as Amonson Lighting. For secondhand and vintage lighting, try eBay (a word of warning; be careful with buying anything electrical second-hand – make sure the product is rated for use in your area, and that it’s been recently tested and tagged, if appropriate).

Plantation Fixation

Another style saver for less, plants are the ultimate in decor refreshment.

They’re the literal embodiment of ‘breath of fresh air’ and their clean, green credentials are well-known and well displayed. Indoor plants go through through the same seasonal trends as furniture – for every fiddle-leaf fig and peace lily, you’ll find a hundred succulents and maidenhair ferns.

Do your research and find a plant that fits both your decor and your lifestyle.

If you’re often away from home, or forgetful of your plants’ welfare, find a plant which requires little in the way of upkeep and watering (peace lilies are excellent in this regard). If you have more patience and wish for a burst of colour and elegance, then consider adding an orchid to your home.

A Crash Course In Curation

In recent years, savvy digital natives have taken to online pinboards and content aggregates such as Pinterest and curated their decor ideas into visual form. The benefit of using these platforms is that you can see how differing objects interact, and you can begin to see how to bring together multiple items to create visual interest.

Places like Pinterest also allow you to look into other people’s styles and choices.

Find something you like? Work out what it is you like about it, and ask yourself how you can capture that in your own space.

Another benefit of these digital content aggregates is that they allow you to price-check items and create a realistic budget – a much harder task when you’re working from magazine clippings, browsing stores and window shopping.

Give It Away

Sometimes, you’ll find your greatest inspiration comes from getting rid of old decor, and allowing your favourite pieces the space they require to really shine.

Culling, throwing away and giving away old or unsuitable items is as therapeutic as it is useful – shedding unnecessary reminders of old relationships (and old past-times) can help us focus on our current state of mind, and can create a greater sense of purpose and clarity.

Small Fortunes

You’ll often read or hear the term ‘investment piece’ mentioned in reference to home decor – but what does it mean exactly?

Investment pieces are most often items of furniture or furnishings (artwork, lighting etc) which are well-crafted and timeless, with a price tag to match.

The benefit of purchasing such a piece is that it maintains its value, in both monetary form and in its ongoing value to your home. Investment pieces (think of a beautifully-crafted leather sofa, a handmade rug or an intricate pendant lamp) continue to provide style and a sense of richness to your home, while adding a point of interest.

Lick Of Colour

An age-old trick to giving your decor a new lease on life is by changing the things around it. The most obvious change you can make is to paint your walls in a new colour.

Find some inspiration online and think of your decor – which colours will suit your belongings and the style you wish to present them in? Certain colours are timeless (white, bone, ivory and smoke/charcoal) and will continue to remain elegant well after the paint has dried.

Consider how often and how dedicated you are to willing to engage in upkeep. If you don’t mind repainting and redecorating, there’s no harm in being more bold with your colour pallette. The sky’s the limit.

Reinvigorating your home through small decor reconfiguration is a cost-effective, no-stress way to add interest and new life into your space. Small steps, like creating an account on Pinterest, or doing a quick cull of your items will help enormously in sorting your design ideas into a cohesive whole.

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