Oman Interior Design Trends

Oman Interior Design Trends

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The Oman interior design and decorating industry is really cashing in on the Sultanate’s booming property market. Oman is rapidly emerging as a key real estate investment destination for regional and foreign investors. The current real estate boom is good not only for the construction sector but also for the interior design industry. In order to afford these designs and properties you may need to take out a personal loan but in the long run they are worth it. The property boom has triggered a high demand for interior furnishings and decorations, the market for these products is growing steadily with the construction of new hotels, luxury villas, apartments, modern industrial facilities, and other properties.

There is a huge potential for interior designing and decorating firms. People want their building to blend with the Omani culture and are willing to pay for it. Very few people in the area like western style, the trend is towards a more oriental style. People like to display their antique pieces and furniture in their homes. A new trend is having multi-coloured walls in the same room with rich colours working together and then channeled into the textiles of the room. Alternatively walls can be painted with fresh, crisp colours to create a cooling effect in the room with plenty of light, detail is then concentrated in accessories, stunning furniture and many fabrics. The use of spotlights, gypsum false ceilings, decorative lighting, and more have become increasingly popular.

In office architecture workstations are getting more open with an emphasis on lighting and ventilation. Gypsum board partition and glass doors have become very trendy in offices as well. In showroom designing it is always important to have adequate lighting to highlight the product.

In addition many homes seek inspiration from the arts and crafts that are available around them locally, pieces created by small businesses and local artists can work together to form an individual look to a home which is difficult to replicate elsewhere. With many homes already benefitting from stunning architectural design the interior trends which you follow need to compliment this to truly take advantage and set your home out from the crowd.

Fareeda Design is a major firm that specializes in interior decoration and design. The firm has been very important in the interior and architectural consultancy in Oman. Fareeda says that interior design has turned into an art. They have projects ranging from major hospitals to hotels, commercial and residential, and has done work for Oman’s four leading banks which can be used for inspiration for your own home or interior projects.

Although you may have to take out a home loan to improve your property it will be well worth the money and is often considered to be an investment. The beautiful designs and architecture of the Oman culture will make you never want to leave. The work you do on your property will also help you later on if you decide to sell. You will not only have a beautiful home but you will get a once in a lifetime experience creating it.

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