Things Anyone Must Know Before Moving to London

Things Anyone Must Know Before Moving to London

Thinking about making the trek across the pond? London is considered one of the world’s best cities to live, work, and play. Whether you are a college student, a young professional, a family, or a retiree; here are some thing you must know before moving to London, England.
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Appreciate the Sunshine
London is known for its gloomy weather weather. London’s famous fog can create a menacingly dreary atmosphere for new arrivals. That is why learning to appreciate the rare sunshine is something you must know before moving to London. While you may go weeks without seeing the sun, the months of July and August can provide some much needed vitamin D. Londonites appreciate the few sunny days they get and you will see more people out at parks and on the river than you could have ever expected. So while you definitely don’t want to forget your umbrella when you move to London, also be ready to get out there on your lucky sunny days to fully appreciate this beautiful mega-capitol city.

Keep Calm and Carry On
London is a massive city and you will encompass a lot of the problems would expect in a other major cities such as Hong Kong, Delhi, or New York. Things like crowds, traffic, and long lines are common place in London. One thing that is uncommon in London is people causing a fuss. Londoners are known for their calm, emotionless exteriors. Even when you are hit by a splashing puddle or someone cuts in front of you in line for a coffee, the most acceptable response is no response. Unlike New York, it is not socially acceptable to shout, honk, or speak up in London. Depending on where you are from this can be a bit of an adjustment  but you may find you enjoy this sense of calm. Remember before moving to London that this is just the way things are here and you can’t change it , just adapt.

Enjoy the Best of Everything
London is a highly diverse city and it has been said that this city has the best of everything. If you are moving to London you will want to make sure and experience the best the city has to offer. London’s restaurants go well beyond the stereotypical fish and chips (though some local fish and chips is a must,) whether you want Indian, Thai, Mexican, or Chinese; from street-eats to 5-star, some of the world’s best restaurants are found in London. Most people know that England is world famous for its nannies, so if you are family, use an agency to find a nanny to make sure you children get the best possible nanny. Also, London is world famous for its theatre scene, so whether you like Shakespeare or Shrek, be sure and check a show like a local, now that you are moving to London.

Now that you are moving to London make sure you know these things. Remember to stay calm, enjoy all the world class things your new home has to offer, and appreciate the sunshine when you get it. Good luck in you new home!

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