Interesting career paths that you would never consider

Interesting career paths that you would never consider

Whether you are choosing a career early on in your life or are thinking of changing from your current career it is worth thinking a bit more broadly about the different job opportunities out there. Many unique and interesting career paths exist each requiring a varying level of training and education to enter into, with pay that usually matches the learning curve. Here are some options you might want to consider.

1. Bike mechanic

Around the world people are cycling more, with workers choosing to commute to their place of work on a bike. For this reason the demand for people who are skilled at repairing bikes has really soared: bikes constantly need repair and maintenance – and not everyone is skilled enough to do it on their own. You can easily train yourself to be a bike mechanic by starting on your own bikes, taking care of all the repair work yourself. Try fitting your own upgrades and improvements, and build your knowledge by working part time at a bike store.

2. Business Researcher

Used by a variety of companies, a business researcher’s job is to examine and investigate everything from potential markets to competitors. This position would be ideal for anyone with a keen mind and an interest in research. To start a career as a business researcher you will need to get a formal education in the shape of a degree; you can earn a library science degree online which can set you on right path towards this career.

3. Elevator repairman

This highly specialized career pays well and is ideal if you don’t like staying in the same location, stuck behind a desk all day. Elevator repairmen often need to work on old, existing installations so need to be able to read blueprints and make a best guess at how an elevator is configured. You need a good knowledge of hydraulics, electronics and electricity and this involves an extensive period of study. You will need to enroll in a multi-year apprenticeship, but the training effort eventually pays off.

4. Ocularist

Eye injuries are quite common, and it does happen that injuries are so extensive that an eye has to be replaced with a prosthetic. An Ocularist is trained to shape, fit and maintain artificial eyes. Patients need to regularly return to have their prosthesis checked, so aside from the original fitment there is continued care involved. This highly paid positioned also requires an extended period of training, and will lead to certification with the relevant society.

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5. Ethical hacker

An ethical hacker looks for vulnerabilities in software and hardware, trying to find flaws that could allow a criminal to take advantage of a weak system. With the rise in computer crime, companies all over the world are trying to tighten security on their systems; so hacking skills are in high demand. Instead of criminals finding the flaw first, you as the ethical hacker report the flaw in return for a reward. Companies also employ ethical hackers on a salaried basis. To qualify you need to build your computer and internet skills, exploring systems and vulnerabilities on your own until you know enough to find undiscovered gaps.

6. Video Game Tester

Not as silly as it sounds, this job is an important part of the development process in the massive electronic gaming industry. The gaming equivalent of a software tester you will be responsible for finding flaws and bugs in video games. People who buy video games won’t put up with glitchy gameplay so software companies pay a lot of money to employees who are good at thoroughly testing games. It is often the most enthusiastic gamers themselves who get hired as testers, as they are the best at finding the flaws.

7. Master Distiller

Similar to a brew master or a winemaker, a master distiller works to distill interesting spirits and liqueurs. The market for unique spirits and liqueur experiences is growing, and you can tap into this by distilling products that offer something that is a bit different from the norm. It is very much a career you can train for on your own, testing your distilling skills at home and developing them to the point that you can produce quality liqueur for either your own brand or a company.

Though traditional career paths such as teaching, medicine or financial services can be predictable the supply of talent in these areas is often ample. Instead, consider a career path which is less commonly taken and where there is a high demand for skilled workers. Your chances of employment may be higher and you can pick a career that you will truly enjoy.

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