Important Facts about Scorpions

Important Facts about Scorpions

Scorpions can be so much work to control once they invade your house. Just like any other pests, scorpions are attracted to the house by food. Other scorpions also attract scorpions, once one scorpion comes to your home, they leave pheromones and vibrate as a way of drawing other scorpions.

People always think scorpions come in groups. On the contrary, scorpions are nocturnal pests which means they hide during the day and are active during the night. So, when a single scorpion is roaming around looking for food and ends up in your house, it will attract other scorpions.

A bark scorpion is the most dangerous scorpion species because of its lethal venom. A bite from a bark scorpion causes severe pain followed by a feeling of impassiveness, tingling, and vomiting. This feeling typically lasts for about 24 and 72 hours.

What to do when you get stung by a scorpion?

Most of the scorpion stings do not necessarily need much treatment, but in the event, the effects are too severe you should seek medical help from a hospital. A physician will give you sedatives to relax your muscle spasms and some other medications to ease your pain, agitation and blood pressure.

Can a scorpion sting more than once?

Absolutely yes. A scorpion normally uses its claws to hold on to the flesh before they can arch their tail over to drive in the venom. During this process, a scorpion can end up stinging you more than once.

Can a scorpion sting kill?

Scorpions are not that dangerous as perceived by many people. You can rest assured that a sting from a scorpion cannot at all kill you. Also, even a sting from the most venomous bark scorpion is not fatal enough to end a life. However, you should be wary of the agonizing pain you will feel after a sting from a scorpion. More, someone who is allergic to stings and bites, or has a weak immune system can die from a scorpion sting.

What keeps scorpions away?

The primary reason for scorpions invading your home in search of food. Therefore, the most effective way of preventing scorpions from coming into your household is through proper hygiene. Scorpions also feed on insects too, so if you keep your house clean, you will, in turn, keep bugs away who are potential preys for scorpions.

How can you control scorpions?

One scorpion can make you and your family live in fear. If you do not take the right measures to get rid of a scorpion, you can find an army of scorpions in your house since they attract each other.

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