Your Guide to Buying the Best Motorcycle Helmet

Your Guide to Buying the Best Motorcycle Helmet

The law states that motorcycle helmets should be worn at all times on the road and like much of the bike equipment that you will be using regularly, you need to ensure that as well as being safe, it is super comfortable and, if you like, fashionable. When it comes to buying motorcycle helmets there is a huge market out there, different companies, different styles, different sizes and different designs, so which do you pick? As with all of your motorcycle gear, you’re going to have to do a bit of shopping around to find the right one for you and here is some tips for you on what you should be looking out for.


How Will You be Using the Helmet?

It’s important to consider what kind of riding you’ll be doing, if you just plan to do your daily commute on your bike and nothing more then a high-end sports helmet with bells and whistles might be the best choice for you, something that feels very comfortable and reduces noise will serve you well. If you are a beginner then these types of helmets aren’t worth buying, safety of course will be the key factor in your helmet choice but spending money on a high-end helmet probably won’t be worth it at this stage.

What Features do You Need?

The technology available in helmets these days is incredible and it’s important to think of what kind of features will fit you and your riding style. If you regularly ride as part of a group then you could consider picking a helmet that has in-built radios to communicate, alternatively you could look for features like sun-shades and noise reducing technology. There are plenty of extra features you can get added to your helmet, whilst they are cool you should think about whether you will actually use them before parting with any cash.

Size and Weight

If you are not experienced in buying helmets then I would urge you to try as many on as possible so that you can really get a feel for what size and weight you are after. Your helmet should be tight fitting for safety reasons, but not to the point where it restricts you and the weight shouldn’t be so heavy that it causes you discomfort, the only way that you will be able to tell which is right for you is to test them all out, once you’ve found something that feels comfortable then stick with it.

Look for Style

The fact of the matter is that riding a motorcycle is cool, just look at the design of bikes, they are consciously designed to look good with catchy colors and awesome design features, you should be doing the same with the style of your helmet. First consider the shape, do you want a half shell, an open face, or a full face helmet, think which will suit your bike the best. When it comes to the color and design, try to match this to your clothing choice or to the color of the bike itself for maximum impact.

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