Great Family Accommodation in the USA

Great Family Accommodation in the USA

There are, of course, exciting locations throughout the United States to bring your family. But perhaps none of them is more thrilling than Orlando, Florida, Oahu, Hawaii, or the Grand Canyon.

And if you’d like to go to one of those places but you’re unsure of where to stay, you might consider a hostel. Hostels offer the lowest rates imaginable and steep discounts on food. What’s more, hostels encourage people to mingle with fellow travelers. Thus, they’re ideal for making friends. But lest you believe that staying at a hostel means sharing a room with others, be aware that many hostels let you reserve a private room and a private bathroom. Check out for hostels in Orlando.

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Speaking of hostels, the website recently named Orlando among the world’s ten best destinations for vacationing families; you can read that article here. Orlando, of course, is chock-full of theme parks and resorts. These sprawling dreamlands, like Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, are bursting with thrill rides and special-effects-laden shows. In addition to the mega-parks, though, there are quieter, less-heralded Orlando attractions. For example, Gatorland is a family-owned park displaying live alligators and many other reptiles besides. It’s worth the trip to Gatorland for the alligator-wrestling demonstrations alone.

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Now, while everyone knows that Orlando targets families, many people think of Oahu – the most populous of the Hawaiian Islands – as a romantic getaway, a place for honeymoons. But this paradise provides tremendous opportunities for families, too. Adults and children can go on nature walks, snorkel, take surfing lessons, enjoy water sports, attend luaus, and learn to hula. And that’s just for starters. Especially alluring are the warm weather, the beautiful beaches, the twinkling lights of Honolulu, and the stunning sunsets, all of them impossible to forget.

Image source Grand Canyon: grand_canyon_nps

Speaking of splendor, Arizona’s Grand Canyon is so stunning it can be hard to catch your breath upon first glimpsing it. This beloved national park likewise offers a range of activities. A bus tour will give you a good overview. Then, if you and your family feel adventuresome, you can hike, rent bicycles, ride mules, or join a whitewater rafting expedition.

The Grand Canyon area provides a fine example of a family-oriented hostel: the two-story Grand Canyon International Hostel in downtown Flagstaff, about ninety minutes by car from the Canyon. This hostel opened in 1995, though the building itself is decades older. It’s a gorgeous property, replete with displays of indigenous art. As a special bonus, guests are supplied free breakfasts.

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