Don’t Become Bridezilla! Top Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Don’t Become Bridezilla! Top Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

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When planning your wedding, it’s easy to become flustered with all the preparations of sending out invitations, getting the venue ready and ensuring the dress fits – read our top tips to avoid becoming Bridezilla in the run-up to your big day.

Keep it intimate

If you’re keen to ensure your wedding is the personal experience you have in mind, plan for an intimate ceremony rather than inviting hundreds of guests. Having too many people present could make the wedding seem impersonal and also bump up your overall costs, so think carefully about who you really want to be in attendance at the ceremony.

In the same vein, keeping things intimate means you can devote more of your budget to making sure each and every guest has a wonderful time, whether it be opting for a more luxurious dinner menu, spending a little more on the perfect wedding venue or choosing a sought-after entertainer for your reception.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

The pressure to get into your wedding dress might induce a desire for crash dieting, but in fact, embarking on a really stringent diet when you’re already under stress can make things worse. Devising your guest list and shopping for bridesmaid dresses can be all the more difficult if you’re working on an empty stomach with a headache, for example.

Instead of deciding on a drastic diet, why not simply swap sugary snacks for healthy alternatives and attend a regular exercise class? Over a period of time, small changes can make all the difference, while exercise will release happy hormones and help you avoid low moods.

Make time for loved ones

When planning a wedding it’s all too easy to be totally enveloped by the preparations, and you may find you’re seeing less and less of your friends and family as the big day approaches. You can avoid this by ensuring you regularly make time to see those dearest to you, whether it’s a weekly night in with a DVD, monthly drinks or even just a quick coffee – regular catch-ups that are not connected to the wedding will be great stress-busters.

However, if your family and friends are keen to get involved in the plans for your big day, find out if anyone has talents you could put to good use. A crafty friend might help you make wedding invitations, while musicians might help out with the entertainment on the big day, so spend some time bonding with your friends and family while working together to make your wedding day a real success.

Stick to your budget

Wedding magazines are great for gaining inspiration but you might begin to feel a little underwhelmed by your own wedding plans after reading issue after issue. If you start wanting to blow the budget, it might be time to take a step back from all the preparations and consider the real meaning of the day. After all, getting married is about commitment to your partner, not about finding confetti that will exactly match the colour of the sash trim on the head table, for example.

Many people spend years paying off their weddings, which typically cost around £20,000 ($31,500). If you don’t want to be one of them, keep the real message in mind and look forward to less debt as you begin your married lives together!

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