Dates for Married Couples: 7 Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Dates for Married Couples: 7 Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

Humans tend to creatures of habit. After settling into married life, it’s easy to get into a schedule and sometimes a rut.

If your marriage needs the Za Za Zoo re-ignited, then it’s time to date again.

Yes, couples need to go out on dates. It creates an outlet from being a married couple or parents.

Whether you have kids or not making time for you and your partner is key to a functional relationship.

Not sure what to do? Don’t worry.

Read along to learn some helpful ideas for dates for married couples.

Seven Dates for Married Couples

You and your special someone went through the whole, getting to know each other dating phase. Now you’re in a committed relationship till death do you part.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy each other’s company like in days gone bye. 

The courting doesn’t need to stop because you put a ring on it.

Want to know how to date your husband or wife? 

Keep reading.

1. Visit a Botanical Garden

If you live in a bustling urban empire, you probably don’t see too many trees or flowers. A concrete jungle is a great place for culture and meeting new people.

But if you’re a nature lover, it could put a damper on your inner tree hugger.

When honking taxis and exhaust fumes get you down, try a trip to a botanical garden.

Botanical gardens offer an array of flowers, plants, trees, waterfalls, butterfly exhibits, and much more.

Search the internet for the closest one near you, but don’t be afraid to travel. 

Sometimes a journey is necessary to see the wonders of our world.

2. Relax Near Water

Water is refreshing, invigorating, and life-sustaining. Nothing is better than sitting on the beach, watching a sunset, and listening to the ocean.

If you don’t live close to the shore, don’t fret. Even landlocked states have lakes, streams, and rivers. 

Grab a blanket or folding chairs when benches aren’t available. Snuggle up next to your mate and enjoy each other’s company.

There’s a lot to be said about being with someone without speaking. It deepens intimacy.

Want to help your visit last longer? Bring some snacks along.

3. Tour a Mansion, Castle, or Historic Landmark

History buffs or architecture enthusiasts will love to see the inside and outside of a mansion, castle, or historic landmark.

Getting a glimpse into the world of the elites can boost excitement and romance. Many of the great older homes exude style.

Some noteworthy mansions and castles aren’t local, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a historic building. Every town holds some historical gems waiting to be seen.

During the holiday season, plenty of these places decorate and host events to draw in crowds. Prepare to get spooked during ghost tours of October. Or hold hands to carollers greeting attendees.

What better way to celebrate your love for each other than to tour a beautiful landmark?

4. Have a Picnic

Picnics are not just for spring and summer anymore. With some creativity, you and your love could have an indoor picnic in the living or family room.

Set up a warm, plush blanket next to a fireplace or near the tv. Play some romantic music in the background, light candles, and indulge in yummy delights.

If you wish to take your picnic outdoors, the beach, lake, or back yard is perfect.

It doesn’t matter where you have it. What matters is who is with you.

5. Game Night

Games bring out the child in us all. Nowadays, the options are endless.

If you want to bring out the old board games, go for it.

Card games like poker and Uno get competitive, but it’s still a great way to bond with your baby.

Adult arcades offer food, drinks, and fun if venturing out the house is your thing. Bowling a few rounds provide great entertainment at any age.

Perhaps you both enjoy video games. Select your favorite multiplayer games and let the good time roll.

Or maybe using your brains and survival skills is more your flavor. Go to an escape room with some friends for a group date. But use caution when selecting team members. You want team players and no drama.

6. Dinner and a Movie

Dinner and a movie make for a romantic date night. Staying in can allow for intimacy because you get one-on-one time. 

Plus, eating in bed with delicious food, lethal libations, and your favorite flick or tv show is an excellent date.

If going out is more your thing, seek out a drive-in or a fancy movie theater. Find a movie theatres which serves food and drinks. Dine in comfort while the latest Hollywood blockbuster plays.

When the summer season hits scout out your town for a movie under the stars. Many of those events are free to the public. It offers the chance to go out without breaking the bank.

7. See a Performance

Seeing a performance doesn’t mean splurging on $300 tickets to see your favorite band. Sometimes going to a local play or jazz club gives you the brief getaway you both crave.

Sure it’s lovely to see a Broadway musical, but that’s not the only way to spend date night.

Catching an up and coming comedian at a comedy club lights your spirits and provides plenty of quotable memories.

Do What Makes You Happy

The whole point of dates for married couples is to enjoy yourselves. Whether you’re dining at a five-star restaurant or munching on tacos in bed, the point is enjoyment. So get off the couch or not and make some memories.

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