How You Can Help Out The Charity Your Choice

How You Can Help Out The Charity Your Choice

We live in a world that has its problems but also has a staggering amount of people who are looking to end them. You too can become a part of this valiant effort to rid the world of its problems and there are many ways in which you can do so. A friend of mine, Sam Zherka was the person who showed me how I can be more charitable and I wanted to share with you some of the ways which I have been helping charities over the years so that you can do so too. The first step is to find a charity which is close to your heart and then here are some ways in which you can help them out.


The gift of your time can have a profound impact on a charity’s ability to do what they set out to and it isn’t important how much time you have which you can dedicate to their cause, it is important that you use the time you do have to help them. Whether it is working in a charity shop or volunteering on the front line, these charities rely on kind hearted individuals to give their time up to help an you can play a key role in their efforts.


Most charities do not make money, some will have products which they can sell or shops which can make a little money but the majority of their income comes from people who are willing to donate to their cause. Most people will think that they do not have the money to give away to charity but in reality, just a small amount each month can make a big difference. Think about how much money you spend on frivolous items, a cup of coffee, a taxi when you could take the bus, this money would be far better spent on a charitable donation and you will feel great about yourself when you do so.

Selling Stuff

Many of us are great hoarders and once we have finished with an item, we prefer to stuff it away in a closet or a drawer. Why not put these items to good use and give them to a charity so that they can sell them and make some money for their efforts. Take a day out and root around your home to see what kind of things you have which you do not need anymore, then fill up a black sack and take it down to your local charity shop. Not only will this ensure that you are cleaning out the house but you will also be helping out the charity of your choice, remember that one man’s rubbish is another man’s meat!

These are just a few of the many ways in which you can help out a charity, it is important that you try to make time to dedicate to helping your chosen charity and that just because you cannot spend 6 months volunteering this does not mean that you cannot do your bit to help.

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