An Intro To Realistic And Natural-Looking Contouring

An Intro To Realistic And Natural-Looking Contouring

If you follow the likes of the Kardashians or the Jenner girls on Instagram, you will have no doubt seen the contouring videos which they and their make-up teams regularly upload, making the whole process appear very simple. Unfortunately the reality can appear far more difficult than the socialites and business women make it look, so much so that many girls and women don’t even give it a try. Whilst contouring is certainly not as easy as it appears on social media, it isn’t something which is too challenging and with some practice you will soon be contouring like the best of them. We can use contouring for many different looks from ‘photo-ready’ to ‘night on the town’, today though we will look at natural contouring, and how you can achieve the perfect natural look.

Step One: Tools and Products at the Ready

In order to make this as easy as possible ensure that you have everything
that you are going to need on hand and ready to go. For the natural look you will need your foundation, a range of different sized make-up brushes plus dark and light shading powders. My favorite powders right now are from IT Cosmetics beauty products, they have a great range which are perfect for contouring.

Step Two: Foundation

The first step is always to apply your foundation, what you should be looking for here is a very smooth and thin layer of foundation, this will provide the base for the contour so make sure that you get this first step just right.

Step Three: Lining The Contour

Now that we have the foundation layer on it is time to decide in what way you are going to contour your face. Some people want the chiseled cheek bone look, others may try to minimize strong facial features such as making the forehead look shorter. The key to contouring these areas is to use light and dark shades to highlight certain areas. For example if you want your cheek bones to be highlighted, you should use an angled brush and create a dark appearance under the cheekbones then blend it to look lighter on the bones.

Step Four: Jawline

To define the jawline you will need to brush darker powder across the line of your jaw, and then blend downwards towards the neck, using lighter colors as you gradually get farther down. No matter what look you are going for, the jawline will always be very important.

Step Five: Final Touches

Once you have completed the contouring, you can use a very small brush to add some further touches which will serve to highlight the areas on your face. To use the cheekbone look as an example again, you could put a thin dark line just under the cheekbones, to really make them stand out.

The key to contouring well is to be frugal with your powder, and focus a great deal of attention on blending the right shades of light and dark to get the desired effect.


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