Adjusting to a big family move abroad

Adjusting to a big family move abroad

It can be a really tough task when you need or want to move to another country and have to work out the pros and cons of doing it.

For many people moving abroad, it can be because of a work posting, so you may not have the option of saying ‘no’ if you want to progress your career. But you should still take the time to find out what you need to know about the country you’re going to, its culture and its customs, and how you can help settle your family when you all get there.

Let’s look at the advantages first.

New opportunities

It’s been said, many times, that travel broadens the mind. It does because you’re put into situations that you’ve never experienced before, and if you’re open minded, these experiences will help form new ways of thinking and interacting with people not of your culture.

It’s also a great opportunity to explore new cities and places, especially to help your family adjust to a different way of living, and in many cases, to interact with people whose first language is not your own.

But communication can be a funny thing. You may think you have nothing in common and you won’t be understood, but basic communication can be easier than you imagine, and if English is your first language, it’s pretty much the world’s lingua franca. You could also learn the local language!

Schooling for the kids

Education is always a worry, no matter where you live, and that’s why an international school can provide exactly what’s needed for your children. They exist all over the world and provide an education that is academic, often closely mirroring your home country’s curriculum, creative in that theatre and music are often core parts of what a school offers, and community oriented. The community aspect helps introduce children not of the indigenous culture to find out more and interact with projects, developing an understanding of different cultural aspects and imbuing confidence in the child or young person.

Children will develop new relationships with others from different countries, and in many cases, from the host country, expanding their knowledge of the world and how people can coexist peacefully.

And now, some disadvantages to consider.

Culture and language

However much you prepare, it’s only when you arrive in your new country that you really get an understanding of how different everything is. Strangely enough, this may appear to be a disadvantage but if you’ve taken the time to prepare for the move and looked into culture and language, it could be less of a problem than you think. Research, learn some basic words and phrases and you’ll find people appreciate you’ve taken the trouble and are more likely to help you.

Making the move

There aren’t as many cons as pros when moving your family abroad. It can be an exciting and uplifting experience for everyone if you get it right, and will give you all experiences that you will always treasure.

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