8 things that make the best exhibition

8 things that make the best exhibition

In an all-encompassing environment to compete for attention in trade shows, it can be stressful for one person to manage all aspects of a trade show. Having a team of trade show specialists is always better than fighting this good fight alone. Be it a simple product or an abstract one, partnering with an external agent is always helpful.

Conceptual design of the exhibition

The ultimate goal of an exhibition is all about engaging target audience. Forget about a list of architectural features such as lounge areas, furniture and demo stations–at the end of the day, it is the concepts that really matter. A good design of exhibition also means a window opportunity to attract new customers, foster partnerships and promote new products or services.

Visual design of graphical elements

For where someone’s eyes look, there his heart will also be. Eye-catching graphic designs come with a colorful story and great expectations. It is often true that an exhibitor can be good at planning what to add to the booth, but not how to decorate the booth. Trade show services companies like ExpoMarketing can help exhibitors settling this graphic design issue.

Meticulous project management

As an idiom goes, all devil is in the detail. Technical issues from registration deadlines to coordinating the logistic matters are essential to be noticed ahead of the exhibition. If a good beginning is half done, then a thorough plan to outline the technicalities of an exhibition is perfectly done. Every step of preparing for the exhibition decides the altitude of the successful of this project.

Physical construction of custom booth

For every great trade show lies a great budget. Constructing a custom booth is often costly. To ensure every custom element is cost-effective, it is important to first consider the quality materials along with the smallest details that make the exhibition count. Expenses like logistic arrangements, labors’ salaries and storage of materials should also be taken into account.

Effective custom rental

There is a fine balance between a costly design and a cheap rental. The optimal approach is to think about a solution which are within the budget while keeping the best of the original design and creativity.

Audio-visual equipment

The better the audio-visual equipment is, the more likely the target audience will be drawn to the designated booth. Popular examples are virtual reality displays, projection mapping and dynamic video walls.

Detailed booth staging

There is always a gap between an ideal design and real-life implementations. To bridge the gap between fantasies and realities, it is crucial to walk through the real booth to match up with the design and the real booth.

Real-time supervision

While trust is the key to build a great team, the project manager of the exhibition must be able to walk through the process of installing the booth to offer extra support to his team.

Like any other kind of project management, planning to exhibit for a trade show requires much energy, strategic thinking and great amount of human resources. A diverse team is always needed to offer area support from designing to installing the real booth during the trade show.

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