7 Tips on Improving Your Kitchen!

7 Tips on Improving Your Kitchen!

Stainless Steel appliances are among the Best improvements for your kitchen in 2017

Photo by CC user Tomwsulcer on Wikimedia Commons

Got a nice bit of equity building up in your home lately? If you think like us, you may be looking at ways to invest it in kitchen improvements.

There are many ways one can improve the function of one of the most important rooms in your house, whether it involves improving the flooring or getting that shiny state-of-the-art fridge.

Below, we’ll float seven ideas that will get your imagination going as you dream about what your kitchen will look like by the time 2017 is over…

1) Laminate flooring

Frustrated with the floor that is currently in your kitchen? If you are looking for a solution that is easier to sweep and mop, then looking into laminate flooring for kitchens is something that you should definitely do.

With a lack of seams and rough grooves that stone tile floors typically have, cleaning a laminate floor after a messy meal is a breeze.

There are plenty of styles to choose from that will make yours look way better than the laminate floors of decades past, and best of all, the price per square foot makes it easy to fit into your kitchen renovation budget.

2) Vinyl floor tiles

If you are worried about an overflowing sink ruining a laminate floor at some point in the future, then you may want to consider replacing your current floor with vinyl floor tiles instead.

This flooring solution is known for its ability to resist water, it can stand up to years of heavy traffic and falling pots and pans, and ongoing maintenance is a breeze, even though it may not be as ideal as laminate when it comes to cleaning.

Those concerned about appearances needn’t worry either, as there are plenty of luxury vinyl floor tiles on the market that will give your kitchen a look that will impress your family and friends.

In fact, higher end vinyl floor tiles have such a stylish appearance that many homeowners opt to lay it down beyond the kitchen, extending it into halls, bathrooms, lounges and other parts of the house.

3) Marble countertops

After all these years of making do with standard countertops, open your wallet this year and treat yourself to some marble.

Don’t lie, you know that you have always wanted a beautiful, chop-resistant surface gracing the workspaces in your kitchen.

After getting a handle on your finances and getting that promotion you’ve been after for years, it’s time to make an upgrade to the countertop you know that you deserve.

4) Above window shelf space

Love knick-knacks? Done right, putting an assortment of collectables on a shelf above window level will enhance your kitchen’s atmosphere.

Placed above cabinets and windows, you will be making use of space that is often overlooked, and given its unique positioning, this design element will generate buzz from guests like few other aesthetic improvements.

5) Stainless steel appliances

When it comes to kitchen design, nothing projects a feeling of prosperity quite like stainless steel appliances.

From a visual perspective, stainless steel is like a black shirt or dress – every other design goes well with it.

From a practical standpoint, these appliances last longer and don’t retain stains like other materials. Due to its non-porous nature, they are easy to clean and their surfaces aren’t breeding grounds for germs.

For this reasons and others, planning to acquire a stainless steel appliance this year is a great goal if you are looking to upgrade your kitchen.

6) Open concept cabinetry

The conventional wisdom surrounding cabinetry (that your dishes, glasses and utensils need to be shielded from view) hasn’t been challenged in generations.

Kitchen designers have turned that on its head in recent years, however, with open designs that place plates in slats where they can be inserted or retrieved, and other items on open shelves where they are used as elements of design rather than implements that are meant to be hidden.

While you may have to change up your dinner sets in order for them to mesh well with the rest of your kitchen, it will be a shift in feel that will wow friends and family.

7) Kitchen island

If you find yourself struggling to find enough prep space for your kitchen tools, ingredients, and the recipe loaded up on your tablet, perhaps it’s time you built a kitchen island.

While its size will depend greatly on the amount of room you have to work with, the added storage and workspace will make your cooking wizardry that much easier to execute once it is in place.

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