7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Oahu, Hawaii 

7 Reasons Why You Must Visit Oahu, Hawaii 

Have you ever been to the 50th and newest state of the U.S.? If not then I want to talk to you a little today about exactly why this is the place that should be top of your list when it comes to travel planning. I have traveled throughout Hawaii each year for the past four years and once you go, you will see just how easy it is to fall in love with this truly unique corner of the world.

Throughout my time traveling on the islands, I have identified the island of Oahu as my absolute favorite and it is the one which I would recommend that you visit during your trip to Hawaii. I have been back to Oahu 3 times since my first visit and as we speak I am researching Oahu beach house rentals for my upcoming trip. The island is the third biggest in Hawaii and it is colloquially known as ‘The Gathering Place”.

It is on this island that you will find the famous city and its capital, Honolulu and the island is home to almost 1 million inhabitants. Oahu has a rich history and has played an important role in Hawaii for many years, it was once the seat of the Hawaiian monarchy and it was also the location of the infamous Pearl Harbor military base which was attacked by the Japanese in 1941.

This island offers tourists a great deal and should you needed any more convincing as to why you should visit, here is why I think that you must visit Oahu.

The History

As I have just mentioned, Oahu holds high importance when it comes to history and this can be seen all over the island. You can take a trip for example, to the Iolani Palace where the monarchy once ruled. On a tour of the palace you will be able to visit the private chambers, walk the halls and see the vast array of fine art and even visit the prison where Queen Liliuokalani was once held for 5 months.

The Sunsets and The Green Flash

The sunsets in Hawaii are the stuff of legend and the only true way to experience it is to see so for yourself. Something else occurs however, aside from the majestic sight of the orange sun sinking into the fairway ocean, when the day nears its end. If you watch carefully from the beach, just after the final glimpse of orange sunlight falls behind the horizon, you will see a green flash emitted over the water. If you are lucky enough to catch it, this is a truly special sight and one which is worth going to Hawaii for alone.

Learning to Surf

If you love to surf, or want to learn how to do so then Oahu is one of the best places in which you can do exactly that. Waikiki Beach in particular has a lively surf scene and here you will find many surf schools and instructors who cannot wait to take you out on to the water and show you how to make the best of the rolling Oahu waves.


The markets in Oahu are outstanding and you will do well to find more colorful offerings than you will find throughout the markets of the islands. The best markets to visit if you are planning on picking up some bargains are the Aloha Stadium swap meet and the Kapiolani Community College’s Farmers Market, the latter being a real treat for tourists and the chance to get your hands on wild flowers and interesting fruits and vegetables.


The Hawaiian people have a really strong respect for their culture and their traditions and they welcome you with open arms should you wish to learn a little more about it. One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the Hawaiian culture and learn a little more about the history of the island is to go to a luau, Hawaiian for feast. Down on Paradise Cove on the last weekend of every month there is a regular luau, complete with dancing and stories and of course, great food which is cooked in a traditional underground oven. There are few better ways to learn about a person’s culture than to do so with food in your belly and a sunset in front of you.

Street Food

The Hawaiian cuisine is much different to that which you will find anywhere else in the USA and the best way to enjoy it is though eating on the street. Street food is at the heart of the eating culture here in Oahu, and Hawaii in general and it is the best way to try out new dishes. On the last Friday of each month you will find a street food event called Eat the Street which takes place in the hipster neighborhood of Kakaako, here you will see over 40 different food trucks turning up to sell their dishes along with music and plenty of games.

Natural Beauty

Whether you are heading out on to the ocean to do some diving, climbing up the stairs at Koko Head to get the best views of the island or hitting the red dirt roads on an ATV, you will be witnessing some of the most breathtaking natural landscape on the planet. The tropical temperatures and year-round sunshine really lends itself to outdoor exploration and there is plenty of it available on the island. Because of the type of natural setting which Oahu has, with sea combined with mountains, forests and volcanic craters, there is something on this island for everyone and if you like the great outdoors, you are going to love Oahu.

Whilst these reasons are all well and good, the very best way for you to truly understand how great a place Oahu is, you are going to better of experiencing for yourself so go and check out some flight prices right now!

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